Franchise Description

Honest-OneHonest-1 Auto Care® is the only national full-service auto repair and maintenance franchise chain that is 100 percent ESA Certified eco-friendly. Honest-1 executes four eco-friendly actions companywide, including strict recycling of auto materials, pollution prevention, resource conservation and trademarked services like ECO TuneUp® and ECO Oil Change. In addition to its high standards to be environmentally responsible, Honest-1 is committed to all-around quality customer service unprecedented in the auto repair and maintenance industry. Each Honest-1 staff member and technician is thoroughly trained to meet company-set standards, which are designed to make the maintenance process less intimidating for non-auto enthusiasts while providing, upfront honest service. With locations throughout the U.S., Honest-1 centers are female/family-friendly (66% of customers are female), and are characterized by clean and upscale waiting areas, Internet cafés, children’s play areas, leather chairs and couches, HDTV and complimentary beverage stations. Honest-1 plans to double its locations nationwide in the next year. Automotive repair and maintenance is recession proof. It has a relatively low cost of entry. Operating hours are reasonable, six day week, and you need no prior experience.

There is only a $3,500 inventory needed, and virtually no receivables. We are “Green”, and as a result 31% of Americans who believe strongly in environmental concerns will be attracted to our concept first. That represents a $10 Billion per year segment of auto repair and maintenance that we are singularly positioned to attract. We feel franchisees will be attracted to the environmental responsibility we exhibit. We are female/family friendly. H-1 centers are designed to be “female friendly” to take advantage of the industry statistic that 66% of the customers who bring in their vehicles for service are female. To that end our facilities have upscale physical features such as tiled lobby with leather easy chairs and couches, internet café, free coffee and beverages, large HDTV, kids play area secured by a low wall, tiled/upscale restrooms and exceptionally clean work areas.